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People volunteer for a variety of reasons including wanting to make a positive difference to the lives of older people, to learn new skills, to gain work experience, to make new friends and to do something different from a paid job. At the Almshouses you'll find honoured war veterans, teachers, lawyers, grandmothers who know how to darn a sock and bake the perfect apple pie. Volunteering opportunties include:

  • Activity Buddy (helping someone to become more physically active)
  • IT coach
  • Day centre helper (tasks could include art, craft, games, story-telling)
  • Activities/Events assistant
  • Bereavement and loss visitor
  • Information and advice worker
Whatever your reasons for giving some of your time, we would love to hear from you. Contact Us and see what roles are available and which might be best for you.

Volunteering Gallery

Flower arrangingCadets with war veterans, Remembrance DayWoodbridge School Choir singing at the Almshouses carol servicesFlower arrangingChurch and forces volunteers at Remembrance
Flower arranging
Cadets with war veterans, Remembrance Day
Woodbridge School Choir singing at the Almshouses carol service
Flower arranging
Church and forces volunteers at Remembrance service